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Waterfront home living in Encinitas

Waterfront living in Encinitas is as amazing as it sounds. Those who live here wake up to the spectacular California sunrise and sleep to the sound of gently rolling waves. With views of the Pacific and access to sandy beaches, there’s nothing quite like it.

If you become the proud homeowner of a beachfront home in Encinitas or any of the surrounding communities, you’ll want to make the most of its unique oceanside setting with a few touches here and there. From adding coastal chic decor to your home, to picking out the perfect wallpaper, there are many ways to spruce up your property.

But few homeowners realize the impact landscape lighting can have on a waterfront home’s visual appeal. If you’ve never thought of updating your oceanfront home lighting, here’s where to start.

A short introduction to landscape lighting

Landscape lighting, or more commonly known as garden lighting, refers to outdoor lighting systems that add illumination to outdoor areas like the front gate, driveway, lawn, garden, or patio. While landscape lighting has a functional role in keeping your property well-lit in the evenings, it can also add to the overall aesthetic impact of your home.

Oceanfront home lighting can capture the natural beauty of the ocean. It can be easily updated or modified depending on the season. It’s also surprisingly versatile —you can add drama to the lawn or create an ethereal effect to match each mood and occasion.

Low versus high-voltage lighting systems

In most instances, landscaping professionals will recommend low-voltage lighting systems for residential outdoor spaces. These systems tend to be safer to work with than high-voltage systems. They also cost less to install, which means that if you’re working with a larger budget, you can splurge on the lighting fixtures themselves or cover more ground on your property.

Low-voltage lighting typically requires a step-down transformer to reduce power. While not as capable of producing the same level of brightness as high-voltage systems, low-voltage lighting can help create a soft and elegant ambience.

But some homeowners may prefer high-voltage systems, which are used for public or commercial spaces, if they have massive properties or if they simply prefer to have brighter lights. If you like loud, blinding lights for larger outdoor areas, and you’re willing to splurge on high-cost installation, then this is for you. Just know that there’s higher shock risk with high-voltage landscape lighting systems, which don’t work well when wet.

Different kinds of landscape lighting

  • Spotlights and floodlights – You may have seen spotlights and floodlights at concerts and studios. While they look the same, there is a difference when it comes to beam spread, or the amount of space their light can cover.
    • Spotlights give off a smaller, narrower beam of light with more precise aim. Spotlights are great for highlighting specific architectural elements or landscape features.
    • Floodlights have a wider beam spread and can therefore cast light over larger areas like a driveway. Choose floodlights if you want to improve visibility while showing off a large expanse of your landscape.
  • Inground lights or well lights – These are flat, circle-shaped fixtures that are installed into the ground. Inground lights are often used to light up walkways, creating more visibility while adding sophistication and drama. The uplight effect of inground lights can also be used to illuminate a tree or garden sculpture.
  • Step lights – These are often installed on the stairs or decks and can be incorporated during hardscaping and deck installation. They illuminate each step of the stairs to prevent accidents as well as highlight certain architectural details, like intricate stonework and tilework.
  • Post lights and bollard lights – Post and bollard lights are mounted on top of ground posts and are ideal for lighting walkways and driveways. They add visibility without the harsh effect of floodlights and can help create ambience.
  • String lights – Also known as fairy lights, this type of lighting has a festive feel that makes it suitable for the holidays and various gatherings. String lights can be used to draw attention to balconies, roofs, tree trunks, archways, and entryways.
  • Underwater lights – These lights can be safely installed in outdoor pools or fish ponds to highlight certain water features as well as provide better visibility for night swimming.

The benefits of oceanfront home lighting

There are many aesthetic and functional benefits to installing landscape lighting, including:

  • It creates ambience – Landscape lighting lets you set the mood. Whether you prefer mellow lighting or glaring, multicolored lights, you can create the kind of atmosphere you want.
  • It accentuates specific architectural elements and structures – Want to highlight the pergola or that gorgeous tree in the front yard? Landscape lighting draws attention to specific outdoor structures for added impact.
  • It improves visibility – Landscape lighting can improve visibility for large swaths of outdoor space that get lost in the dark. Landscape lighting will enable you and your neighbors to appreciate your gardens and lawns even after dark.
  • It can help prevent accidents and injury – Step lights and post lights will make it easier for you to watch your step when using outdoor spaces at night.

17182 Camino Acampo in Rancho Santa Fe accentuates the front door with exterior wall lighting. The metal lanterns draw attention to the gorgeous dark wood of the double doors and create a welcoming atmosphere.

1202 Via Zamia in Encinitas makes use of exterior wall lighting to illuminate the driveway as well as the entrances to each of the carports on the property.

327 Leeann Lane in Encinitas makes excellent use of pool lights to highlight various water features and improve visibility for pool use.

Take it to the next level with a waterfront home

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