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Waterfront living is often idealized in almost everything, from books and movies to lifestyle shows and even fashion. And when somebody says they live near the water, what we typically picture is a person who is laidback, relaxed, and happy.

But like most things in life, there are downsides to waterfront living. It just so happens that the advantages trump everything else. If this is a lifestyle you’re considering, especially in coastal San Diego County, the following benefits will convince you to pack up and move to a waterfront home.

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Endless outdoor recreation

Whether you crave adrenaline-pumping activities or simply want to enjoy a slow-paced day at the beach, you’ll find plenty of opportunities when you live along San Diego County’s sun-drenched, 70-mile coastline.

Take surfing, for instance. Beginners to world champions are constantly drawn to the waters off San Diego County for its wide range of surf spots. All you really need to do is pick one that produces waves that match your skill level- we are all about safe and responsible surfing.

Black’s Beach in La Jolla is just the spot for both beginners and pros. It produces clean, rideable waves all year round, but if you want an added challenge, venture about half-mile from the coast for more powerful breaks. Prepare for serious paddling, however!

Lower Trestles constantly competes with Black’s Beach for the “best wave” crown, but this one’s usually reserved for surfers who have already proven their worth. If you join the line-up, you’ll find yourself surrounded by pros and, if you’re lucky, see Kelly Slater himself. Check out the best places to go surfing in San Diego County here.

It can be good for your health and well-being

Water is truly essential. Many extol the benefits of drinking at least eight glasses a day. Then, there’s the fact that simply being near a body of water can be good for your mental health.

Is it the beautiful views? The calming effect of the color blue? We don’t exactly know, but countless studies have shown how being in coastal environments can make us happier and healthier people. This 2013 study on happiness may be nearly 10 years old, but the findings continue to be true in this day and age. Coastal locations were deemed the happiest locations according to respondents.

Researchers have noticed three things about coastal living that lead to more joyful lives. First, people who live by the waterfront are usually more active. Exercise has been scientifically shown to release feel-good hormones and chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, and endocannabinoid. Second, there is less pollution and more sun in coastal environments. Third, there are more avenues to spend time with loved ones when you’re at the coast.

“To go to the sea is synonymous with letting go. It could be lying on a beach or somebody handing you a cocktail. For somebody else, it could be a wild, empty coast. But there is this really human sense of: ‘Oh, look, there’s the sea’ and the shoulders drop,” Catherine Kelly, a geographer, told The Guardian in this insightful article about the benefits of blue spaces.

Waterfront real estate is valuable

It’s no surprise that waterfront real estate costs more than other properties. But while you have to pay more to acquire the beach home of your dreams, it can be good for you financially in the long run.

Location is one of the reasons why waterfront real estate is considered valuable- compared to landlocked lots, parcels of waterfront land are harder to come by. San Diego County may have about 70 miles of golden coastline, and it’s only along this stretch where you can find beach- and oceanfront homes. Moreover, true oceanfront property in San Diego County.

If your dream home is by a river or lake, you’ll have fewer options. It doesn’t help that waterfront properties are sought-after- another factor that contributes to the high prices.

In terms of appreciation, waterfront real estate also performs well. Historically, these properties see the highest appreciation. This is especially true in San Diego County, where beachfront homes continue to demand high prices. Looking at the bigger picture, the city of San Diego has recorded some of the highest appreciation rates nationally. In the past 10 years, local real estate has appreciated by 115.52%, which translates to an annual appreciation rate of nearly 8%.

Strong appreciation is not the only thing that makes waterfront real estate investments worth it. You can set up a rental property and earn an additional yearly income of up to $50,000 or more, depending on the home’s location and the type of rental you prefer (short-term or long-term). And with San Diego attracting approximately 35 million tourists annually, you won’t have a shortage of tenants.

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